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With housing interest prices being at an unbelievable low this year I was able to take the leap into the exciting and stressful world of home purchasing and home ownership with my partner.

This was a unique process and now that I am on the other side (and still alive to tell the tale) I wanted to share a few things that I wish I knew along the way.

1. Those things you sort of disliked when you looked at the place the first time will be the things that will continue to eat at you until you (pay to) change them.

Are you not really sure about the backsplash? Do you not like the tone of the flooring? The kitchen cabinet colour driving you wild (and not in a good way)?


An unexpected year of quarantine brought with it some great reading

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We are coming up on the first anniversary of the lockdown where I currently live. Before the pandemic starting in 2020 I had read maybe one or two obligatory books for a book club. Following that most books were left abandoned and half-finished- until quarantine hit. Once in quarantine was when my reading picked up and I began voraciously consuming any and all books. This led to me reading about 25 books total for the 2020 year, which may not seem like a lot to some but it is more than I had read the last three years combined. …

And I was still able to keep living my life

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I graduated in 2015 with $50,000 of student loan debt hanging over my head. My loans were divided amongst student loan programs through the government and a line of credit that was near to $10,000 that I had through the bank.

At times, the debt felt crushing. It was more money than I had ever seen in my life, and it seemed unbelievable to think that I would ever be able to pay it all back. …

In a year where money was tight and stress was high these were some of my favourite and most used purchases that stood out among the rest. Capitalism, eat your heart out.

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2020 was a difficult year for many, for some that meant increased demands and stress at work, for others that source of livelihood was taken away. It was a lonely, scary and isolating year. In these complicated times a few purchases I made throughout the year stood the test of time and I found myself gravitating back to them over and over again. These are the items that…

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I love planners, I always have. At school I looked forward to being able to use my school-assigned agenda, writing down all my assignments, due dates, sports practices and social engagements. Now in my adult life I work a very unpredictable schedule and my work days vary week-to-week with no real discernible pattern. The planners that I once loved now lay unused. I found myself limited and restricted by conventional planner weekly formats.

Some planner fan favourites include Erin Condren or the Happy Planner. I found the planners themselves to be extremely cumbersome, in addition to some being filled with…

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